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Adding a new dog to the household is exciting and new dog parents want to do the best they can to take care of their new best friend. At TrainPetDog.com you can find what you need to know on choosing a dog, training, grooming, feeding and what other pet owners have to say. What are the right breeds for families with children? How big is that cute little puppy in the window likely to grow? Do white dogs have special grooming needs? How to housetrain? What else does my dog need to know? Where to get pet supplies? What supplies do I need? What products are best for my dog's coat? What to look for on a package of dog food? What to do with a stray dog? What to look for to make sure my dog is in good health? When to take the dog to the vet?

TrainPetDog has articles, ebooks and videos waiting to answer all your questions on responsible dog ownership and keeping your dog healthy and happy. What you see now is just the beginning of all the articles, books and videos we plan to bring to dog lovers everywhere. Check our blogs to get to know other dog owners and others who are interested in dogs and feel free to make your own comments.

TrainPetDog's awards to responsible dog breeders and rescuers are designed to be displayed with pride on the websites of those would improve the breeds and provide shelter for homeless pets. We want to see the breeds constantly improved and homeless pets cared for and adopted.

We are proud of all the information we bring to dog lovers and will continue to make TrainPetDog truly beneficial for every dog owner and future dog owner on the internet.