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Choosing a new dog is a task that should be performed as carefully as big decision. You will need to take care of your dog for the rest of its life, so you want one who is suitable for you, your family, your home, and your lifestyle. The dog needs a family suited to its size, temperament and needs for space and attention.

When choosing a breed it is best to read about breeds in which are interested before making a decision. When the television show Frasier was popular, many people bought Jack Russell terriers in the mistaken belief that they make good, well-behaved apartment dogs. Unfortunately many apartment dwellers became disappointed when their little Jack Russells proved themselves to be a handful because of their energy and need to run around. Most people might think that a greyhound would be a poor choice for an apartment, if they did not know that greyhounds tend to be couch potatoes. TrainPetDog has information on so many breeds that at least one is bound to be ideally suited for you, and you for it.

Whatever breed you choose, vaccinations and regular veterinary check-ups will become an important part of your routine. TrainPetDog recommends taking your new pup to a vet for a check-up as soon as possible after you get him or her. Take any records you have with you.

Keep a bowl of food, a bowl of water, and a dog bed or blanket in a corner that your pup can feel is his or her own space. Read TrainPetDog’s articles on dog food. Housetraining should start the day you bring your new dog home.

Grooming is another concern, and some breeds will need more attention than others. TrainPetDog has excellent articles on grooming, along with ebooks on the subject.

Remember, you are important in your dog’s life and he or she is a loving member of your family. Provide your pal with plenty of love and affection, and be sure to go for walks and play together. TrainPetDog wishes you many happy years with your best friend.